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HIRO Acupuncture & Moxibustion clinic


Thank you for coming to the HP.

I am HIROKI HARADA who is the licensed acupuncturist.

I would like to see you if you have some kind of symptom like

  • Neck pain

  • Back pain

  • Headache

  • Depression

  • Anxiety

  • Woman's health problem

  • Fibromyalgia

  • Parkinson disease

  • Others

English is available for the treatment, because I have an experience to work on a cruise ship in caribbean.

You need to make an appointment before coming.

​If you have question, please call or send me a message whenever you want.

I am looking forward to see you.


Relaxation room
Relaxation room

Please wait here with relaxation.

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Treatment room
Treatment room

You will be very relaxed.

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clothes for the treatment
clothes for the treatment
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Acupuncture needle
Acupuncture needle

This is the needle which HIRO use.It is smaller than our hair, so you will not fell pain.

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Moxibustion is a traditional treatment.It is made from moxa.

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Consultation form
Consultation form

Please fill out the form before the treatment.

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​schedule : 9:00〜18:00

​closed     : Wednesday  Thursday





Address   :

1-25 Sakuramachihaimu 403,Sakuramachi,Chuo-ku, 


Car          :

Parking is in front of the building.

The clinic is going to pay you 200yen for the parking.

Bus          :

about 2min by walk from the Kumamoto bus terminal.

City Train :

about 5min by walk from the Hanabata city station.


You can make an appointment by phone or message.



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